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An appeal to Long Islanders
Posted by: Native Long Islander (---.cablevision.com)
Date: March 08, 2003 08:26PM

I realize that New Yorkers are much more aggressive than people in other parts of the country, but please, people, start being nicer to each other. Since moving back to Long Island over a year ago I have been absolutely appalled by the way people behave all over the Island. People are rude and inconsiderate to others no matter where you go. Nevermind driving - I have had so many near accidents on the LIE from people driving recklessly, cutting me off, etc.

I just don't understand it. I was born and raised here and am proud of so many things that Long Island has to offer. However, now when I have friends come to visit from other places I am ashamed by the vulgar displays of aggression and rudeness that people seem to feel the need to constantly express. It is appalling and disgusting and makes me want to move somewhere else immediately. I'm sure I most likeley will, and that saddens me to think that the nature of people would drive me away from a place that I love.

Please, everyone, just remember that life is too short, and that person you're cutting off on the highway or giving the finger to or yelling at in a store or on the phone is a member of someone's family. I'm sure you wouldn't want people treating the people you love that way. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, and as you would like other members of your family to be treated. Long Island's reputation is getting worse every year - let's do what we can to make Long Island a nice place to live again.

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Re: An appeal to Long Islanders
Posted by: Edmund Carrington (136.223.1.---)
Date: June 16, 2014 02:24PM

Such a pleasure to read a message like yours - an appeal toward basic civility over the discourtesy, nastiness, bad manners and solipisim that seem to be the norm in Long Island.

Having been born/raised in the UK, I have only lived a fraction of my life on Long Island, but during that time, it has become appallingly clear -- not only to me, but even to visiting family and friends -- that there is an excessive sense of entitlement and an overabundance of aggression and rudeness on this small island.

This is part of what makes living on Long Island difficult -- particularly, for those trying to raise children to be good and kind.

For whatever it's worth, I will second your appeal, and I will very much hope that others take it to heart and make it actionable.

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Re: An appeal to Long Islanders
Posted by: Mr. Marks (65.49.14.---)
Date: November 04, 2014 11:29PM

It is not just NY or LI, people all over our once great country have become rude, gluttonous slobs. Look at the garbage they watch on their televisions, admiring and gving Star status to most every stumble-bum who comes along.

If you really want to know why people have become rude dolts, look at the media and the crap it's been feeding the public for the past two decades.

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