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Posted by: Gregg Zehentner (---.nyc.res.rr.com)
Date: September 06, 2018 10:49PM

Okay, so you're freaking out about the SAT and the ACT. The bad news: it won't go away, even if you ignore it. The good news: help is just a click away!

My name is Gregg Zehentner and I've been a professional tutor for over ten years. I am NOT a teacher who knows a little something about the SAT AND ACT -- I am a FULL-TIME SAT AND ACT EXPERT. Since graduating NYU, I have helped literally hundreds of students improve their scores. My specialized approach and experience enable me to target any student's weaknesses and provide the strategies, tips and tricks that will raise his or her score to the level it should be.

I travel to your house AND I'm the star of an online prep course: [youtu.be]

So you're basically getting tutored by an SAT celebrity. I know, I know, it sounds too good to be true. But this is just your lucky day.

The SAT and ACT are not intelligence tests. They are tests that test you on how well you can take the tests. So there's no need to feel like you're "just not smart enough" to do well. Yes, it takes work, but with my guided approach, I guarantee you will see results, often greater than you ever thought possible.

In addition to the hundreds of students who I've assisted over the years, I have also developed content for national SAT and ACT websites, taught several SAT and ACT prep classes across Long Island, and authored an SAT prep book. I know the SAT and ACT so well, it's kind of scary.

So if you want SAT or ACT help from an expert, email me, give me a call or visit my website at www.litestprep.com.

Gregg Zehentner

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